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My name is Nhatt, and I’m bad at life. I’m good at adventures, drawing, and writing about adventures and drawing.

This blog will eventually be a letterpress book, illustrated with hand-printed woodblock prints.

If you want to see your favorite stories from here make it into the book, then please say something. If you think a story is shit, say that too.



Nhatt Attack


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  1. Your adventures sound like a hella load of fun. Sod the rat race i should go grab my bike, pop it in a box and go to nyc, listen to punk stay with randoms and have an awesome boss. What’re your plans for the future? Where are you now?

    Safe x

    • Hey Pete!
      Well, I went back to school in London and became an artist. I’m currently sorting out my next adventure, which will be to take this book on a book tour (when eventually it is a book) and ride around American bookshops with it.
      I have a feeling that’ll turn into the self-fulfilling prophesy of becoming another book.
      Until then, I live in London and work 3 jobs and have a mighty dull time.


      PS, keep checking in, NYC was the hardest and worst time of my life and some of the other stories will probably explain why.


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